Terms & Conditions

  1. Ausperth cleaning agrees to provide a professional cleaning services requested by the customer at the time of booking at an address provided by the customer.
  2. Customers must not engage with cleaners directly for any cleaning duties outside the scope of the booking. Any extra work must be directly arranged through the Ausperth website.
  3. Customers agree to provide: Safe working environment & access for the cleaners/ necessary electricity, water, access to rubbish bins etc/ assistance with any heavy objects.
  4. Customers will remove or secure any fragile items, cash, jewellery & valuables prior to the job.
  5. Ausperth cleaning takes health & safety seriously. If an object that requires cleaning is more than 2m of reach, these items will be removed from the cleaning list unless the customer can provide necessary equipment to do the job safely.
  6. Ausperth cleaning have zero tolerance for verbal or physical abuse, assault towards our staff and legal action will be taken for any breaches. Cleaners have rights to refuse a job.
  7. Customers must provide free secured parking for the cleaners. If any parking fees are incurred these will be charged to the client.
  8. Customers agree to pay for the services rendered by Ausperth cleaning. Bookings that are cancelled or requested to be rescheduled within 24 hours of job start time will incur a $10 admin fee. If the balance of the job is not settled within 5 days of job completion, Ausperth may engage debt collectors. Customers will be liable for any costs including legal costs incurred in engaging debt collectors.
  9. All pricings are inclusive of GST.
  10. If a cleaner does not attend a scheduled clean within 2 hours, Ausperth will either arrange reschedule without additional fees or provide first ½ hour clean free of charge.
  11. Our professional team will carry out cleaning to high standards. But in an event where you are not satisfied with the clean, please send photos and notify us within 24 hours and we will either arrange to re-clean or arrange a partial refund.
  12. Ausperth cleaning are not liable for; any defective cleaning material or equipment provided by the client/ any loss or damage incurred by the customer or any third party because of the effects of a force majeure, being any event beyond the reasonable control of us/ existing dirt, wear, damage, or stains that cannot be completely cleaned or removed/ any wear or discolouring of fabric or surfaces becoming more visible once dirt has been removed.
  13. Customer must inform, Ausperth Cleaning of any incident where an accident, breakage, damage to property or theft has occurred due to any act of the Cleaner within 24 hours of completion of the Service and or contact the local authorities if needed. Customer is not entitled to claim any loss for any incident if the incident is not reported to Auperth cleaning within 24 hours of completion of the Service.
  14. Ausperth cleaning agrees not to share personal information of customers with 3rd parties not directly involved in provision of the service, unless required by the law.
  15. Ausperth cleaning reserves the right to update pricing, website contents and information including terms & conditions without any prior notice.
  16. Our website and its contents are protected by copyright laws in Australia. Any claims relating to the Ausperth cleaning will be governed by rules of Western Australia.