What is the process for making a booking?
You may select & make a booking by hourly rate or by number of rooms. We will check our availability and confirm the booking or suggest alternative dates. Once the job is done you pay upon completion.
For Entire Home services we have a checklist that all cleaners follow. This is shown on our services page. If your service is by hour, we will work down the checklist until the allocated time has ended.
Each home usually takes an hour per bedroom and 30 minutes per bathroom.
You can notify us by phone or email if your job requires to be cancelled. ($10 booking fee will be applicable).
You may choose to reschedule your booking 24 hours before the scheduled job start time, without incurring any additional fees, subject to availability. Jobs that are requested to be rescheduled within 24 hours will incur a $10 admin fee. Please note that we will send confirmation on reschedule requests as cleaners may have other previously booked jobs.
When the service by rooms option is selected, we will estimate the time required for the job. We will then follow the checklist and complete the job until all selected room are clean. When the hours option is selected, we will follow the checklist for the rooms until the allocated time has elapsed. If you require more cleaning to be done after the allocated time has passed, it will be subject to availability and additional charges will apply by the hourly rate.
Our professional team will carry out cleaning to high standards. But in an event where you are not satisfied with the clean, please send photos and notify us within 24 hours and we will either arrange to re-clean or arrange a partial refund.
Yes. We will provide discounts for weekly, fortnightly, and monthly services. We will also send out promo discounts for your feedback on our services.
Yes, if the cleaners are at risk, we will reserve the right to walk out of a job. This can be in the form of dangerous or hazardous environments, animals, threats, bullying, discrimination, or violence etc. In an unfortunate event that this may occur, you will be charged a $10 booking fee and further actions may result in a WA court of law, as required.